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Litteratura Serpentium of the European Snake Society VOL 38 Issue 4 

Nesting observations and ecology of the Boelen’s python, Simalia boeleni, West Papua New Guinea By Ari R Flagle

The “Grandfather Python” Morelia boeleni Ari R Flagle April 2012 Reptiles Magazine

Raising the Holy Grail (pdf)

IRCF Journal “Serpents in the Clouds, Captive Care and Wildlife  Conservation of Morelia boeleni” Mar 2007

“Ari R. Flagle and Erik Stoops introduce us to their thoughts on captive care and nurturing of neonate and juvenile M. Boeleni, the Boelen’s python.” Reptile Care Magazine, Vol. 4, Issue 1.

Serpents in the Clouds (pdf)

Ari R. Flagle in collaboration with Erik D. Stoops: “Boelen’s Python (Morelia boeleni) Research and Conservation Efforts.”

Flagle, Ari R. “Into the Heart of Papua Indonesia Filming Project Black Python.” Reptile Care Magazine (August 2006)

Flagle, Ari R. “Boelen’s Python Care.” Reptiles Magazine (December 2005)

Flagle, Ari R. “Project Black Python.” Reptile Care Magazine (November/December 2005)

Flagle, Ari R. “Breeders Choice: Boelen’s Pythons.” Reptiles Magazine (September 2005)


Flagle, Ari R. and Stoops, Eric D. Black Python: Morelia boeleni. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Chimaira Buchhandelsgesellschaft mbH, 2009.


Serpents in the clouds the New Guinea Boelens python September 2018



Madison area Herpetological society 2019  Tracking Simalia boeleni in the highlands of New Guinea


Scandanavian Herpetological symposium 2018 "Serpents in the clouds"

IHS INTERNATIONAL HERPETOLOGICAL SYMPOSIUM 2018 Tracking Simalia boeleni in the highlands of New Guinea

East Texas Herpetological Society 26th Conference (ETHS) 2015 " Serpents in the clouds conservation and research

IHS INTERNATIONAL HERPETOLOGICAL SYMPOSIUM 2015 " Serpents in the clouds conservation and research "

Norkkoping Herpetological symposium Sweden presented 3 lectures “ Valley of the black python” , “Return to the serpents in the clouds”, “Keeping tree crocodiles” 2014


NARBC Arlington Texas  “The Mysterious Boelen’s Python” Feb 11-12

Chicago Herpetological Society “Boelens pythons wild and captive research” Jan 25-12

IHS INTERNATIONAL HERPETOLOGICAL SYMPOSIUM 2011 Presenting “Thermal and Ultraviolet Basking Observation in S.boeleni

DFW Herpetological Society: “The New Guinea Black Python,” 2008. (pdf)

Arizona Herpetological Association: “Boelen’s Pythons,” 2007.

California Herpetological Society: “Captive Management and Natural History of the Boelen’s Python,” 2006.

Arizona Herpetological Association: “Project Black Python,” 2005.

Repticon Houston 2010 The Boelens python and New Guinea

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